Banners are used to convey time bound messages, statuses and specfic actions to our users. Depending on the timespan and importance of the message, they can either be a permanent part of the page, or can be dismissable.

We primarily use banners that are either dark gray on light gray, or white on black.


<Join separator={<Spacer my={1} />}>
  <Banner variant="defaultLight">defaultLight</Banner>
  <Banner variant="defaultDark">defaultDark</Banner>
  <Banner variant="success">success</Banner>
  <Banner variant="error">error</Banner>
  <Banner variant="brand">brand</Banner>

Dismissable Banner

You can specify the dismissable prop when the banner should be dismissable.

<Banner dismissable variant="defaultLight">
  Please verify your email address
  <Button ml={2} variant="primaryWhite" size="small">
    Resend Email

With Icons

When communicating a status, we use colored icons in along with text.

<Banner variant="defaultDark">
  <TimerIcon top="4px" mr={0.5} fill="white100" /> Registration pending
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